Whey Zero (2 kg) + FREE Instant Oat Vegan (1 kg) + FREE Shaker

Whey Zero (2 kg) + FREE Instant Oat Vegan (1 kg) + FREE Shaker

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1. Whey Zero has been formulated to respond specifically to people looking for muscle development thanks to proteins that help increase muscle mass.

2kg jar: 66 shakers
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream  flavor
Muscle development program
WITHOUT aspartame / collagen / IGM / gluten: + 75% protein
Whey Muscle building
Muscle Recovery

2. Because of its nutritional richness, oats are a versatile cereal that can be recommended to          many people, for multiple uses: sports, breakfast and / or healthy snacks, people on a diet.
The consumption of oat fiber contributes to weight control because of its satiating effect.

INSTANT OAT VEGAN, a cereal that has many advantages:

  • Rich in fiber
  • Power of satiety
  • Rich in carbohydrates
  • Low in sugars
  • A source of energy
  • Source of protein

3. This Eric Favre shaker will be perfect for your preparations. In addition, it will accompany you everywhere, during your workouts and much more!

Capacity: 400 ml.
It is practical and easy to use.

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Weight 3.04 kg

Chocolate & Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla, Cookies Cream & Chocolate, Cookies Cream & Vanilla, Vanilla & Chocolate, Vanilla & Vanilla


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