Special Kids Vitamin C (125 ml)

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Special Kids Vitamin C (125 ml)

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Vitamin C is vital for the body by providing multiple properties for the human body. The Special Kid Vitamin C Syrup is 100% natural.



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Water; fructose; elderberry aqueous extract; linden aqueous extract; acerola dry extract; natural blueberry flavor; concentrate lemon juice; acidity regulator: sodium citrate; bromelain; papain; thickener: xanthan gum; preservatives : sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. TRADITIONALLY


• Acerola extract Acerola or Brazilian cherry is the fruit of a small tree that grows in Central America, Texas, Florida and the West Indies. The fruits are rich in vitamin C. The fruit is traditionally used to help fight temporary fatigue. The Acerola extracts are traditionally used for their toning and restructuring properties.Their contents in minerals give them remineralising virtues. • Black elderberry Elderberries would have the property of decreasing the replication of the influenza virus.TheWHO recognises the use of elderflower as an expectorant. Elderberry helps to free up the bronchial tubes thanks to flavonoids and their antiviral and anti-bacterial action. The tannins they contain can stop light cough-related bleeding. In addition, the amount of vitamin C they contain contributes to the energy metabolism. • Aqueous linden extract It is also a softener and a sudorific agent used in winter diseases: cold, cough, flu. The linden tree has large leaves and is a very popular home remedy for a lot of complications. It induces perspiration which helps fight against fever, nasal congestion and more widely colds. • Bromelain Pineapple is naturally rich in bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme. In other words, it digests proteins through hydrolysis, i.e. it splits proteins in smaller molecules and makes them inactive.With this method bromelain destroys specific proteins that are detrimental to health. Bromelain is traditionally recognised for its anti-inflammatory actions that decrease oedemas and facilitate the elimination of cell degradations. It appears efficient to alleviate inflammation and pain in the joints. • Papain Papain is found in the latex between the peel and the pulp of papaya. The pancreas produces proteolytic enzymes, mainly trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are essential for the proper digestion of proteins. Some plants contain similar enzymes, which can also break down protein molecules. That is the case for papain. It therefore contributes to good digestion.


0-6 months: take 2.5ml every morning (half teaspoon) 6 months-5 years: take 5ml every morning (one teaspoon) After 5 years: take 10ml every morning (one tablespoon)


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of young children. To be used in parallel with a well-balanced food diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from light, humidity and heat.


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