Instant Oat Vegan (1kg)

Instant Oat Vegan (1kg)


INSTANT OAT VEGAN  By Eric Favre Nutrition Expert



For Muscle Maintenance and Protein Intake

INSTANT OAT VEGAN, a cereal that has many advantages:

  • Rich in fiber
  • Power of satiety
  • Rich in carbohydrates
  • Low in sugars
  • A source of energy
  • Source of protein

For breakfast, after a workout or for your snack, it has many advantages!

Our Advice for USE:

  • 1 measuring spoon of 30 g to mix with 100 ml of water, milk, yogurt, muesli, Whey shaker, smoothies, it’s up to you!

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INSTANT OAT VEGAN is a premium quality oatmeal guaranteed gluten free and very finely ground. This “Healthy” cereal present in INSTANT OAT VEGAN has many advantages:

  • Rich in fiber
  • Weight control
  • Satisfying
  • 55% carbohydrates
  • Low in sugars
  • Energy source
  • Complex carbohydrates (gradual release of sugars in the blood)
  • Source of protein

Because of its nutritional richness, oats are a versatile cereal that can be recommended to many people, for multiple uses: sports, breakfast and / or healthy snacks, people on a diet.
The consumption of oat fiber contributes to weight control because of its satiating effect.

Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after very intense and / or prolonged physical effort causing muscle fatigue and a decrease in glycogen reserves in the skeletal muscles.
The beneficial effect is obtained through the consumption of carbohydrates, all sources combined, at a total dose of 4 g per kg of body weight, by divided doses starting in the first four hours following a very intense and / or prolonged physical effort which causes muscle fatigue and a decrease in glycogen stores in the skeletal muscles, and no later than 6 hours after this effort.

Proteins help build muscle mass.

Vegan lifestyle: suitable for the Vegan diet.


Directions for use
At breakfast, after a workout, as a snack, the uses of Instant Oat Vegan are varied: 1 measuring spoon of 30g to mix with 100ml of water or milk , yogurt, muesli, whey shaker ( Iso Zero, Pure Isolate Whey, Pure Whey Zero), smoothies and in culinary preparation (bowl cake, pancakes, cookies …).

Produced in a workshop that uses milk , egg, soy , gluten , shellfish and sulphites .

Nutritional contributions
Per 30g
Energy values: 438kj / 105Kcal (5.2% AR)
Fat: 2.2g (3.2% AR) Of which saturated fatty acids: 0.5g (2.7% AR)
Carbohydrates: 15.7g (6% AR) Of which sugars: 0.3g (0.3% AR)
Fibers: 3.4g
Proteins: 3.9g (7.9% AR)
Salt: 0.01 (0.2% AR)%
AR =% of reference intakes

Oats powder with sweetener, vanilla flavor.
Comply with the advice for use. Keep out of the reach of young children. To be used as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Close the bag well between each use. Store away from humidity.

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